Scientific Papers

Andrei Jipa, Mathias Bernhard, Benjamin Dillenburger and Mania Meibodi. (4 November 2016). “3D-Printed Stay-in-Place Formwork for Topologically Optimized Concrete Slabs.” In TxA Emerging Design + Technology 2016, edited by Kory Bieg, p. 96–107. San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Mania Meibodi, Mathias Bernhard, Andrei Jipa and Benjamin Dillenburger. (6 April 2017). "The Smart Takes from the Strong." Paper presented at Fabricate 2017: Rethinking Design and Construction, University of Stuttgart, Germany.

Nicolas Ruffray, Mathias Bernhard, Andrei Jipa, Neil Montague de Taisne, Felix Stutz, Timothy Wangler, Robert Flatt and Benjamin Dillenburger. (2 April 2017). “Complex Architectural Elements from HPFRC and 3D-Printed Sandstone”. RILEM, the French Association for Civil Engineering - UHPFRC: 2017.

Andrei Jipa, Mathias Bernhard, Nicolas Ruffray, Timothy Wangler, Robert J Flatt and Benjamin Dillenburger. (22 November 2017 ). "skelETHon Formwork." Paper presented at the SIGraDi 2017, XXI Congreso de la Sociedad Ibero-americana de Gráfica Digital, Concepción, Chile.

Andrei Jipa, Mathias Bernhard and Benjamin Dillenburger. (22 November 2017). "Submillimeter Formwork." Paper presented at the 2017 TxA Emerging Design + Technology, Austin, Texas, USA.

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